In the fall of 1989, Mike Walker purchased a small family-owned fabrication shop in Fort Madison, Iowa with the intention of becoming a major player in the material handling industry. At that time there were 19 employees manufacturing miscellaneous metal goods. It wasn’t long after the purchase that they received their first rack order. After that order, there was no looking back; the small metal fabrication shop was a thing of the past, and rapid growth in the material handling industry was the future.

Throughout the 90s, Gregory Design & Manufacturing was primarily manufacturing racks for the glass industry, with a small influx of other industries that needed basic shipping racks. In 2000, after adding new design capabilities and more employees, Gregory Design & Manufacturing decided to enter full-scale into the automotive rack market.

The waste hauling and recycling industries also continued to grow so in 2002, a new company was founded called Gregory Container.  They opened a facility in Fayetteville, TN to pursue the waste container needs in the Southern and Eastern part of the country.  In 2005, Gregory Container built a new state-of-the-art waste container manufacturing facility in Kahoka, MO to accommodate growth of the container business.

Jim Gregory made his first rear load containers “a little heavier” at a local haulers request. Over 40 years later, Gregory Container is still making some of the most durable, heavy-duty containers on the market. It is this commitment to excellence that propels their growth in market share.