Roll Offs

Gregory Roll Offs Are Built to Last.

Our regular build cans are medium duty to most of the competition, and our heavy duty is just that, heavy. We can build to your needs, or just a 20, 30, or 40 yard rectangular or tub style roll off container. We also build these as recycler containers.

How to use this calculator: This measures the inside cubic volume in yards. Our 22ft (outside length) containers are 20 ft inside, and every container is 7.6ft across. Use this calculator to get an idea of how tall of a sidewall (in inches) you need, based on your length of container to get the size you’re looking for. As always, ask us if you’re unsure!

Cubic Yardage Calculator


Laredo A’s Trash Rental in Laredo, Texas sent us a great picture of their rig and our container!

Laredo A’s Order of Red, White, and Blue Rectangular Roll Offs with their Red, White, and Blue Texas Logo look pretty amazing together.